Tuparro National Park Enlargement

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About the Project

This project in the east of Columbia close to the Venezuelan border is on the forefront of reforesting the Amazon. During the growth phase forests bind a lot of carbon in their biomass and in their soil, which is an important contribution to climate protection.

In addition, this project generates numerous additional benefits, including: boost of biodiversity growth, restauration of the food chain, new income opportunities for local people, maintanence local infrastructure.

Plantation Start

Q2 2023

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Vichada, Orinoquoa Region, El Placer


Project Setup

The project was initially setup under Goldstandard criteria. In addition the project is also in certification through recarb’s own standard.

At the beginning, a feasibility study was carried out, which includes among others: Identification of the project area, a forest/non-forest remote-sensing assessment by external experts, creating the planting design, and a compliance check.

Part of the intensive preparation phase, which lasts several months, are also appointments with the local population. Our partner BaumInvest thus ensures that projects are always implemented in line with the needs of the population and in compliance with social standards.


A unique Planting Design

The planting design is special in this project for two reasons. First, we place great emphasis on creating a mixed forest with native plants, some of which are on the red list. Second, we plant companion plants, which has several advantages:

Soil improvement The planted legumes not only fix nitrogen, but at the same time promote humus formation and protect the soil from erosion.

Shade The accompanying vegetation grows very quickly and therefore provides shade and moisture forour young trees.

Protection against pests The accompanying vegetation is the preferred food for many animal species. This keeps the tree seedling protected.

Windbreak Fast growing plants circularly around seedlings planting, this is the perfect windbreak for young, thin tree trunks.

PlaceholderImage source: https://www.routescene.com

Digital MRV Methodology

Digital MRV is build upon the same structure as "traditional" MRV. It only tries to improve its processes by using the tools digitalisation and remote sensing provides. This creates many advantages when it come to accuracy, transparency as well as resource efficiency.

During the planting phase, we use remote-sensing drones with, high resolution satellite images and AI-models to constantly measure and monitor our area and the seedlings to ensure that your investment is protected in the best possible way. The final MRV process for the growth stage is currently being setup.


BaumInvest AG

With 15 years of experience, BaumInvest AG is one of the pioneers in the field of sustainable reforestation in the tropics. At project sites in Costa Rica and Colombia, they operate through own structures within the framework of local subsidiaries, where the local people are employed. BaumInvest's work has already received several awards like the Award of the Boscares 2021 in the category "Rural and Urban Forest Protection". Like recarb, BaumInvest also works closely with science and research, including the universities of Freiburg and Costa Rica and the Senckenberg Institute in Frankfurt am Main.

Project Developer

BaumInvest AG

Press Contact

Dr. Anna Mohr


Freiburg, Germany

Daniel Vetterkind

recarb contact person

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This reforestation project is developed by our partner BaumInvest AG, according to the high quality requirements of the Gold Standard. In addition, this project undergoes an eligibility check and a monitoring process by recarb.

€75.00/ Share
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